Be intentional. Be kind. Be authentic.

Hi 2015!  You came screaming in like a freight train and now we are already at the end of February…what?!

My first goal for this year is to blog more (kinda took a long break from it in 2014). So here I am getting in my first blog post in a little less than a year…

2015 is all about breakin’ it down! (dance party)

I want to break down the clutter, the weakness, the fear and replace it with foundation, strength and confidence. Like I said,dance party…f*ing hard work, maybe with some T.Swift. or the She Percolates Podcast playing in the background. So waaay easier said then done, right?! But, I am pretty sure the future me will love me so much more for it.

2015 Intentions

I am going to start with being intentional. Doing things with intent. Sending those bad habits out the door and letting only the things I decide to have come in. To get through clutter, weakness and fear (a lifelong battle) I look into myself and my habits with purpose, because on the other side of all that are my dream, my strengths and my goals. On the other side is growth!

My second intention is to be kind. Not the kind of kindness that is all like “That’s nice,” with a fake smile, but rather, the deep rooted kindness that is not always going to be easy to give, the kindness that comes from a place of authentic love or carefulness. I am talking intentional kindness that is found through listening (not to reply) and understanding (even when I necessarily don’t). It is the month of love after all!

My word for 2013 or 2014 (is it bad I can’t remember?) was authenticity. It was about allowing myself to be vulnerable, putting myself out there and letting other people in. All I have to say is it has opened so many doors to so many of my favorite people. I have probably never felt so loved in my entire life and that is a feeling unlike any other. This means being surrounded by a few core groups of people that want the similar things, that are inspiring and understand one another. I feel at home with all of them, making them communities that can never be replaced. Looking back on the past 2 years, makes me think being authentic is a life lone journey that I never want to give up.

2015 Word

What word will help me break it all down?

Simplify! …let the light in, break it down, and getting back to basics.

2015 Goals

This blog post by Stacy Spensley, How to set your self up for Success in 2015 inspired me to write my goals based on only my 2015 word! She couldn’t have made making goals easier. Resolutions rarely stick and goals are daunting (even though they are important), so her strategy really helped me break simplify my goals for this year! I am going to share my one big business goal and one big personal goal that is broken down by month for the year.


I will create and simplify all business processes by December 2015.

January: Office setup for productivity

February & March: Bookkeeping, Taxes and Inventory

April: Module 1: Lesson 1 & 2 Stress Less & Impress

May: Module 1: Lesson 3

June: Module 2: Lesson 1 Stress Less & Impress

July: Module 2: Lesson 2 Stress Less & Impress

August: Module 2: Lesson 3 Stress Less & Impress

September: Module 3: Lesson 1 Stress Less & Impress

October: Module 3: Lesson 2 & 3 Stress Less & Impress

November: Holiday Kick off and Prep

December: Holiday Shows and Orders


Purge! I will simplify my daily living by removing things that no longer serve me in our house by December 2015.

– January: Office

– February: Office Closet

– March: Bedside Table

– April: Bedroom closet

– May: Kitchen

– June: Bathrooms

– July: Hall Closet and Linen Closet

– August: Guest Closet

– Sept – October: Garage

– November: Behind Garage

– December: Yards

Here is to 2015 and…

Being intentional. Being kind. Being authentic. Simplifying.

- maddie