How to incorporate travel into your brand

Whether traveling for business or pleasure it is fun to share your travels with your community and incorporate it into your brand. How you go about sharing your travels can be the tricky part, but it can offer some amazing and different content to share and engage with your followers.

First of all, ask yourself a few questions…

1. How important is traveling to me, my business, or my brand?

2. In what ways does traveling fit into my brand?

3. What would my community like to see?

When thinking of your brand, always think of your ideal client.

Take Folk Dreams, for example, my ideal client is active and outdoorsy, so a lot of my travel photos include nature and being outside. Plus a pop of creativity once in awhile.

Traveling for Business

Think about the different sections of your trip:

– The journey and/or the destination

– Downtime – working from the pool or how you stay creative during your trip…

– In the thick of it – conferences, meeting new people, events, planning…the chaos of it all is always interesting!

When traveling for business, there can be a lot of behind the scenes to share with your community. They love your product or service so show them what it takes to bring them what you are offering.

Traveling for Pleasure

If you are traveling for pleasure, you can still share with your brand. Here are a few things to look for…

– colors that match your branding

– how you like to take time off from your business to travel

– something inspirational that sparks new ideas for your brand

This is also a great time to share with your community that you are taking some time away and that you may not be as active online as usual. You deserve the break!

How do you share your travels with your brand? I would love to hear in the comments below!

Happy Friday,