I Say Hello

I thought I would do a little post with a few fun facts about me that are not on my about me page. Who doesn't love a good list?!

1. I love The Beatles (hence this post’s title)! Their Let It Be album is the best in my book and George is my favorite, always and forever. Enough said.

2. My husband, Jimi, and I have been together for almost 10 years, but we were good friends long before that. We just celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day. Yep, you heard that right… You can read more about our story on my old blog here.

3. I have 3 cats, 1 dog and a bird! They have all been adopted in one-way or another. I post about them occasionally here. I have a special place in my heart for all animals and want to save them all. My top three animals are for sure elephants, horses and dolphins…they all make me happy any day.

4. Even though I am a graphic designer and went to art school, my BA in studio art was with an emphasis in art history. It is the best of both words. I have always loved history and grew up in a really creative family, so it was a match made in heaven. It took me forever to get there though…I probably changed my major like 5 times. They all had to do with art or design, except marine biology.

5. I like to spend my weekends messing around with boats and being on the water. Motorboats and outrigger canoes are my preferred choice of transpiration any day. But really anything having to do with the ocean makes me happy. I race outrigger canoe competitively for NAC, in Newport Beach, CA and have crossed the Catalina Channel in an outrigger more than 15 times.

6. I have an extreme case of wanderlust. I don’t get more excited about anything else (okay…maybe animals) then I do about upcoming trips. I like to get away at least for a weekend once a month, and take one big trip each year. I want to see the world, but I also love exploring California (and the rest of the states). Last year’s big trip was Tahiti and I could talk for days about that, but this month I am off to Camp Texlake, Texas for TxSC15 and Ventura, CA for Craftcation (conference season lovin’)!

7. As much as I love traveling, I love coming home and resting. I live in the cutest little neighborhood that always welcomes me home with tree lined streets and adorable CA ranch style houses. Of course, snuggling up with my animals and watching the latest episode of The 100 (this show will be the death of me, no joke) or Nashville can’t be beat.

8. If you couldn’t already tell, I am a nature girl through and through. Camping is the only way to spend the night, s’mores make the perfect dessert and campfire is the best smell around. Large trees, salty waves and the cool mountains continually inspire me. My jewelry line, Folk Dreams, translates nature into wearable pieces of art for taking the road less traveled. I learned to metalsmith while at CSULB and fell in love with the process, skill and working with my hands.

9. I come from a family (I heart them) of rock stars! They are all so creative, are their own bosses, or are making big stuff happen on the daily. They are dedicated. It is so inspiring and has really helped shape my accountability and passion. It has been a dream of mine to be a #girlboss (full-time), so I have always had a “side hustle.” In college, I worked very part-time (because art school takes up all hours of your day), so I walked dogs and house sat all the time to bring in extra cash. Now I am sketching my own future with my freelance business.

10. Podcasts! A bit obsessed with any creative business podcast. Right now, my favorite is Being Boss with Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson and as I mentioned in my last postShe Percolates. Check them out and enjoy these inspiring ladies!

Okay enough about me! Come say hi on instagram and introduce yourself! What makes you happy? How do you stay inspired and motivated? How do you check in with yourself?

- maddie