Why attend a Creative Conference?

Today I am over at the Dear Handmade Life blog talking about why you should be attending Creative Conferences, like Craftcation!

Head on over here to check out this great Interview Series! My interview is Part 5.

Nicole S. is one of the masterminds behind Craftcation and all of its glory…here is her favorite quote from our interview:

“Community, education, growth, and inspiration are all priceless as a creative and why conferences are worth it. Going to conferences (esp. Craftcation) allows you to breakaway from your everyday, take a look at your business and work on things that might take a back seat to making or customer service. As creatives, we often work on our own – having a community is seriously the best thing for your business. The support and friendship is a great reminder you are not in it alone.”

Will you join us at Craftcation this year? Find more info here: http://dearhandmadelife.com/craftcation-conference/

- maddie